In Your Dreams…

In your dreams…

Though far away n lost I may seem,
Y’ll find me in the world of your dreams.

Like the waves floating on the stream,
Riding the serene rivulets of the moonbeam.

Shining in the sky of hope n’ gleam,
Amongst the dazzling rays of the sunbeam.

The touch of my warm breath’s steam,
Caressing your cheek like soft winter cream.

Lingering fragrances they may seem,
Will fill your heart till it bursts at it’s seams.

Walking on the rainbow searching for me,
Your twinkling guiding star in God’s scheme.

Our love’s surely like a fairy-tale theme,
Bubbling with emotions filled to the brim.

Though it may seem to you like a daydream,
I’ll always be somewhere within your dreams.

Dr Namrata Kulkarni


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