Lost in a book…

Your best friend…A nice book…Enjoy books on happy World Book Day and always…
© Lost in a book…

As a child when I was lonely and alone,

With no true friend to call as my own,

This one buddy never ever let me down,

Always felt like a princess with a crown.

From first page till last I would thrive,

In the vast ocean of words when I dived,

Searching for treasures with Famous Five,

Wishing for Richie’s wealth like a naive.

Marvelled at the magic of Mandrake,

Diana and Phantom gave me heartache,

Mason, Poirot and Sherlock kept me awake,

Every moment was like a different snowflake.

As I grew, my heroes caused me much pain,

Pride and Prejudice sure became my bane,

Jeffery Archer made my mind little insane,

My books I loved, I am not one to complain.

Now am at the hearty middle age of fifty,

Though words go a dancing and go twisty,

Wearing glasses and with a shot of whisky,

I want to get lost again in that world so nifty.

© Dr Namrata Kulkarni




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