Lost in a book…

Your best friend…A nice book…Enjoy books on happy World Book Day and always…
© Lost in a book…

As a child when I was lonely and alone,

With no true friend to call as my own,

This one buddy never ever let me down,

Always felt like a princess with a crown.

From first page till last I would thrive,

In the vast ocean of words when I dived,

Searching for treasures with Famous Five,

Wishing for Richie’s wealth like a naive.

Marvelled at the magic of Mandrake,

Diana and Phantom gave me heartache,

Mason, Poirot and Sherlock kept me awake,

Every moment was like a different snowflake.

As I grew, my heroes caused me much pain,

Pride and Prejudice sure became my bane,

Jeffery Archer made my mind little insane,

My books I loved, I am not one to complain.

Now am at the hearty middle age of fifty,

Though words go a dancing and go twisty,

Wearing glasses and with a shot of whisky,

I want to get lost again in that world so nifty.

© Dr Namrata Kulkarni



So long farewell…

So long farewell…
‎Running barefoot on the tickly grass in a zest,

Finding hidden treasures like the cuckoo’s nest,

That was life at it’s utmost best,

Alas but it has gone by in a haste.

So long farewell…
Splashing in the rain puddles galore,

Searching treasure at rainbows end was the folklore, 

That was life which I enjoyed more,

Alas it has gone out through the door.

So long farewell…
Walking along fields of clover on way to Dover,

Feeling very lucky on finding the Four leaf clover, 

Salty smell and a wind that blew one over,

Alas that life is now as good as over.

So long farewell…
Walking by the country side passing fields an farms,

Rabbits foot carried for sure as a good luck charm,

Feeling happy within my heart so warm,

Alas those memories are like a distant storm.

So long farewell…
This life is in a constant state of strife,

Hanging a horseshoe on the door of life,

Wishing for a childhood in the second innings of life,

Most like a musical note of the fife,

So long farewell…
Now looking forward to a life so swell,

Just threw a coin in the wishing well,

In the past I don’t want to dwell,

That’s my story surely in a nut shell.

All’s well that ends well…

So long farewell…
Dr Namrata Kulkarni